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One and a Half Feet on the Ground is now known as…

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This change is to better reflect what I offer – helping you to explore, grow and sparkle your greatest potential through tarot. NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON!

One and a Half Feet on the Ground

Insight, Inspiration, Empowerment and Connection – all with One and a Half Feet on the Ground

Feet in grass - croppedDo you ever feel like you’ve got your feet so firmly planted on the ground that you feel like you’re stuck in concrete? Or maybe you’re at a standstill in life because you’re not sure how to move forwards, or even know which way forwards is?

One and a Half Feet on the Ground is your place (and mine!) to take time out from life once in a while – to think a little deeper, ponder life’s lessons, find a little direction and to piece together some sort of meaning behind our everyday lives.

It’s a place of inspiration, exploration and discovery; to hopefully help us all to understand ourselves and each other just that little bit better.

At One and a Half Feet on the Ground you can find:

  • Quotations to inspire and encourage you, and give you that extra bit of “oomph” when you need it
  • Blog discussions that reflect upon my own personal ups and downs, and my search for meaning behind them
  • In-person tarot readings that can offer you practical insight, validation and guidance around a particular personal situation

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